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Comfort and quality of service are the key words to describe this space accommodating up to 530 people (including 8 seats for disabled persons). With high definition projection equipment, the only one of its kind in Grenoble, as well as a 10-metre screen, the Auditorium guarantees unrivalled image quality as well as flexibility in the choice of your projections.

An audiovisual system operated by professionals, to ensure technical control of your plenary sessions, conferences, general meetings, and so on. Present before and during your sessions, our production manager can meet all your needs: staging and image presentation, stage and ambient lighting, etc.


  • Projection: 2 x 7,000 L Full HD video projectors
  • 1 large screen (10 m X 3.15 m), resolution 3,390 x 1,080 pixels
  • 1 audio CD player, 1 DVD player
  • PA: 6 broadcast points, total power 4 kw
  • Microphones: 7 hand-held wireless microphones, 2 headset microphones, 2 lapel microphones, 4 table-top microphones.
  • Lighting: 12 x 1,000 W stage spotlights with 2 profile spotlights.
  • Configurable stage (length 13,9 m, depth 3,6 m, height 0.7 m): round table, podium, lectern
  • Semi-opaque curtains for adapting the room capacity to 270/350/530 places
  • Note-taking shelves in all 530 seats
  • 4 simultaneous interpretation booths, not equipped
  • WiFi
  • Video broadcast and video conferencing on-demand
  • Audio recording on request
  • Mobile elevating platform for disabled persons

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Espace Auditorium
Surface En m² 600 m²
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